Tulsa Oklahoma Slogan

Tulsa Oklahoma Slogan

Seduction Technique

You can call me crippled so long as you don’t try to kiss me,

And go ahead! kiss me under the Mulberry tree so long as

You wait ‘til dark.

I have nowhere to be ever since last spring when a bad hand  

Lost me my savings, a sack full of mismatched-misshapen

Buttons and a postcard from Tulsa addressed to one “Marie with the limp~”

Romantic that I am, I held that it was meant for me,

That I could read between the lines,

And by golly! it was meant for me.

Why no, I don’t have a limp. I just don’t

Walk, is all. What I’m trying to get to is for

You to kiss me.

All my hands are bad—both of ‘em, I mean.

It’s like there’s rot in the Mulberry. It’s like Tulsa is a world

Away. And what’s in Tulsa that has not crippled me,

You can’t say without it being cockeyed. And what’s that mean

For Marie with the limp, and where do

I go from here?

Stay buttoned up is all I know,

Walk straight through,

And I can plant one on you upstairs.

By Miriam McEwen

“Seduction Technique” appears in the #Access issue of Killjoy

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