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Family Dynamics, Short Stories

Broke Down Morning – A Short Story

Tree Gardner and her sister, Tomlyn, were not Southerners in the traditional sense. Their parents had come to South Carolina after a chance encounter at a tent revival in Savannah, Georgia. The father had worked on Wall Street before a slighted lover, who just so happened to be his boss, threatened to oust him for insider trading. He left town in a hurry, deciding he would “go on the road, you know, like Jack Kerouac.”…

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Sexual Assault, Short Stories

Harebrained Youth

I.   You might even know me. I am instantly recognizable by the way my eyes light up when someone (a man, say) in their mid-forties works the death of Kurt Cobain into casual conversation. Note to self – the word nevermind has implications when uttered in a bar after dark. “He was taken from us much too soon,” they say, as if the Nirvana frontman was beamed up by the grunge extraterrestrials who were good enough…

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