Aiden Smith Artwork
Teenage Girls Read Bukowski

Art work by Aidan Lee Smith

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Teenage Girls Read Bukowski


This one ant, same one, I am positive,
Runs up and down my bad arm,
In circles,
In summertime,
And I’ll have to kill it sooner
Or the quick ones and the dead tickle
My feelers—I admit freely, I don’t
Know how it all works.

I admit to you that I think you’re full of euphemisms.
What a wrong-sided business we style,
Is a for instance.

There are old men
Waiting to be fed by the young,

Waiting to be doped up
Or duped sideways.

However they can get it.

Ants traveling and staying put,
In numbers vast,
Warmth to warmth,

Damnable things
That keep returning,
To itch and to expire.

And wouldn’t you know it
More so now.

It’s usually always that same one you see.


Written by Miriam McEwen

Art work by Aidan Lee Smith – The man has talent! Check out his website at www.aidanleesmith.comFacebook and Instagram!




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