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Creature Comfort – My Calico Cat

Creature Comfort The cat’s name is Finch. We sleep together. More accurately, she sleeps on top of me, and I wake up under the weight of her calico-fur coat, blanketed head to toe in sweat. She climbs up on the bed sometime during the night, after the house settles and the only sound is the faint whistle from the air-conditioning. I don’t mind the imposition of her spare warmth, even in the summer months, when…

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Why are you here?

Why Are You Here?

    I am here to deride your able-ist hobbies: your jogging, your yoga-ing, your slouchy posture when you lean against a wall or sit on the ground. the almost majestic way you “take the stairs.” Everyday, I hate these things you do so effortlessly. And every day I envy you them. My first thought is that you are a very selfish person. My second thought is that I am. Subsequent thoughts, if I shared…

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