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Feminist Baby

About the Author

Miriam McEwen hails from Mountain Rest, a small town in the northwestern corner of South Carolina. She is currently a student in the MFA in Writing program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. A recent graduate of Clemson University, earning a Bachelor’s in English with a minor in Creative Writing. As well as former President of Delta Alpha Pi, the only academic and service-oriented honor society at Clemson exclusively for students with disabilities.

Miriam is a Disability Rights’ advocate, having worked closely with such organizations as the Tiger2Tiger Student Panel. She is a former member of the Student Accessibility Services Advisory Board, which works to achieve Universal Design in the structural elements of the campus and in course curriculum. From 2014 to 2017, she worked as a Student Director for the Clemson Literary Festival. Miriam’s prose was featured at the charitable event, Writers’ Harvest, in 2016. In the spring of 2017, her work in fiction was recognized at the Undergraduate Creative Writing Awards.

Throughout her fiction and poetry, Miriam deals with questions of femininity, disability, and environmentalism.

Miriam’s incredible university work was featured in an article titled “Making a Difference, One Word at a Time,” by The Newsstand, a Clemson University publication.

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